Tom Mays

Vice President of List Brokerage and New Business Development (AMLC)

Tom Mays has 28 years of accomplishments in list brokerage, management, and compilation. A strategic planner with proven track record of managing direct mail campaigns for variety of non-profit organizations.  Tom graduated from Piedmont College with an associate’s degree in business. Overseeing a 50 million donor acquisition program for the past several years has granted him great insight into what works and how to achieve cost savings to organizations utilizing postal and email campaigns for a successful bottom line.

Tom has been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the nation’s largest and most respected charitable, humanitarian, and health mailers providing both domestic and international relief. He also brings to the table his experience with some of the country’s leading conservative mailers on behalf of Viguerie Political Lists.

Email Address: 
(571) 292-5806